Areas of Specialisation

Our platform and process depth spans the full scope of the enterprise. We bring expertise in defining strategy, architecting solutions, selecting and implementing technology platforms, and transforming business processes across all core business areas.

Our Model

We identify 10 core business areas common to all organisations. Each area can be taken to represent a distinct function, one or more platforms, and the processes and practices that drive that area.

In this model, we recognise that each sector and line of business will have its own specific areas, platforms and processes. We represent those generically on the right hand side of the model below.

We define various ‘pillars’ that bring together related areas for better modelling of end-to-end business change and a more integrated approach to transformation across business, platform and process dimensions.

Marketing Sales Service Human Capital Work and Pay Finance Projects Procurement Assets Supply Chain Your Line of Business

How We Help

We deliver our three core capabilities to any of the areas above, either for single areas, larger functional pillars, or the entire enterprise.

We help transform a single area, a functional pillar, or the broader enterprise. We help build and execute major programmes like Customer Excellence, Operational Excellence, People Transformation and Corporate Services Transformation.

  • Transformation Strategy
  • Transformation Delivery
  • Operating Model Design

We help with the entire platform lifecycle for a single area, a functional pillar, or the broader enterprise, commonly assisting clients in selecting and implementing single platforms (eg, Finance) through to broader, more complex ERP, SCM or EAM platforms.

  • Platform Strategy
  • Platform Selection
  • Platform Implementation
  • Platform Optimisation

We deliver process excellence in a single area, a functional pillar, or the broader enterprise through process management, process improvement and process automation offerings, aiming to optimise performance without major platform change.

  • Process Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Process Automation
  • Process Excellence
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