Better Business Change



Experts in change delivery with extensive global experience in the direction and delivery of strategic business and IT change portfolios.
Business focussed consultants will help you define, design and deliver your change to reduce risk and increase benefits.
Successfully delivered change to FTSE 100 and ASX 200 companies across UK and Australia covering a broad spectrum of industries.

Change is constant, a fact which both drives and undermines the change agenda. Projects come about because of a need to act against or with change.  However, the environment in which the projects operate is also subject to change which often derails the end result particularly for large scale strategic change which take a long time to deliver.  Traditional hardwired tools and methodologies no longer solely apply.  “On time, on budget” is no longer good enough. The change machine needs to be aware and fully understand the entire ecosystem in which change is occurring and continuously adapt to changes in that environment in order to deliver the intended outcomes.

We work with companies to grow and protect their business through effective business and IT change management. By deploying only experienced experts and utilising innovative yet pragmatic techniques, we can define, design and deliver quality solutions that optimise investment spend and reduce risk. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to thrive and be successful in a dynamic and competitive global marketplace.

Whether its banking, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, or finance, effective business change comes down to combining delivery experience with a conscious drive in understanding, controlling and communicating within the dynamic business environment.

Driving Strategic Benefit

An innovative and pragmatic approach to business change in a world of unprecedented change.  Change agendas set up for success through delivery expertise and an understanding of the ecosystems in which they operate.  Mentoring, coaching and skills transfer to set organisations up for delivery against strategy.

Key Capabilities:

  • Definition of Change Portfolios required to meet corporate Strategy
  • Design of Programs / Projects to deliver corporate objectives
  • Delivery of large scale ($50m+) business and IT change programs
  • Board / C-Suite engagement and reporting
  • Portfolio / Program / Project strategy and governance
  • PMO tools, templates and dashboards
  • Insource / Outsource / Offshore – strategy and management
  • Business Case preparation, organisational buy-in and funding procurement;
  • Benefits evaluation and tracking
  • Target Operating Model design and implementation
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Formal system, vendor, service selection process
  • Program / project audit, remediation and recovery
  • Staff mentoring and management
  • Organisational Change Management – strategy and implementation

Aligning Better Business Change

Better Business Change requires a strong mandate from the business decision makers.  Truly effective change portfolios are sponsored by the areas most effected.  A culture of transparent understanding and communication needs to exist or be established to ensure success.

Our Business & IT Change Clients

How We Assist

Programme & Project Delivery
Change Coaching
& Mentoring
Project Audit
& Recovery
Project Systems
& Tools
Talent On Tap

Programme & Project Delivery

We are experts in business and IT change, from complex, multi-dimensional enterprise change, through to specific niche business uplift.

Taking a results based orientation to all engagements, we bring proven expertise in the design and delivery of strategic change portfolios, Board & C-suite management reporting, benefits evaluation & tracking and people & cultural change.

Our difference:

  • Experience – all our consultants have deep business experience across the various industries in which we operate.  We are not just project people.
  • Results based – we take a results oriented approach to each engagement.  Move fast, deliver value and focus on sponsor benefits & outcomes.
  • Innovative – we will work with you to understand the ecosystem within which the change agenda is operating and build the model to ensure the benefits are not derailed by change within that ecosystem.  We will also focus on transferring capability and knowledge to ensure lasting change
  • Flexibility – we understand that every client is different and we can tailor an engagement model that suits you from traditional models to a more dynamic on demand model.
  • Quality – we constantly review our techniques and processes to ensure the highest quality.  We support our consultants onsite to ensure there are no blockages and engage with the decision makers directly to ensure the success of the overall change regardless of our role.

Change Coaching

In a competitive and dynamic business environment, the ability to deliver successful change is critical (and universally recognised as such). This includes a raft of diverse change including: major programmes, business plan objectives, IT projects, six sigma projects, BAU initiatives and more. But change teams are often not as successful as needed; and typically the cause is a lack of good change capability.

The answer is effective mentoring and coaching which builds better skills & capability, empowers people to go further themselves, and creates long-term success.

Mentoring & coaching are strategic tools to address short- and mid-term needs while also creating lasting change in staff and leaders alike.

Successful change is learnt on the job, in real time, on real work.  The coaching model we apply delivers skills training as needed, broadens capability, is applied in real time and mentors real work to improve outcomes now.

We offer mentoring and coaching around the 7 balanced and integrated skills that identify a successful change practitioner, enabling them to better meet the needs of their business, create more robust change insight and actions, and deliver better outcomes.  These skills are:

  • Ability to engage with impact
  • Fit for purpose project management
  • Business process mastery
  • Data analysis & insight
  • People, behaviour and change
  • Business acumen & depth

Project Audit & Recovery

Change is difficult in any business, but creating high-impact, successful & lasting change that fully delivers outcomes is rarely achieved in the vast majority of cases.  Many change initiatives will face the prospect of failing to achieve the intended outcomes at some point.  With good governance and control, these situations can be identified and remediated early, or if the situation is worse, a full scale project recovery may be required.

Ultimately the success of such projects relies on the effectiveness of the actions taken to remediate / recover and the ability of the organisation to accept and implement these actions at a senior decision maker level.

With deep skills in recovery and remediation of change initiatives across a broad spectrum of industries, we take a pragmatic results based based approach covering:

  • Retrace of the case for change and the original business case to ensure understanding
  • Comprehensive review of the initiative to identify the exact causes of failure including the ecosystem in which the initiative operates
  • Identification of remedial actions and options
  • Delivery of plan to implement actions
  • Control framework to monitor health
  • Ongoing support through mentoring & coaching, governance & audits

Project Systems & Tools

Governance and Tools

Projects must deliver a desired business outcome to succeed, that is why they are being done in the first place. However, having a good Project Manager is not enough. To protect your project investment and ensure the business benefits are realised, you need to ensure the projects are well governed and controlled.

Project governance and control is the job of the traditional PMO, however we realise this can be an expensive business especially for companies that need projects to grow but have very tight operational budgets.

In response to this challenge, our aim was to find a comprehensive PMO solution that reduced operational costs so that you only pay for what you need whilst ensuring that the quality of project delivery was improved through a standardised process, value add tools and clear management reporting.

The result is a comprehensive pay-per-use cloud-based Project Management Office (PMO) to provide the standards & templates, PMO tools, governance & reporting and the management dashboards you need to show you how your projects are tracking and what corrective action may be required to ensure your benefits are delivered.


A forensic review of project performance can yield lessons learned to apply to the broader change agenda.  Used properly, Audits are a vital tool in increasing an organisations change maturity.  With broad experience running audits, we can deliver pragmatic and appropriate Lessons Learned and develop strategies to ensure these are embedded into the organisation and its suppliers.

Talent On Tap (Resourcing)

For organisations that have in-flight change programmes or work, led internally, but are looking for additional talent on a contingent basis, we assist by providing business and IT change resources on what we call a “Talent On Tap” basis, providing short- or mid-term embedded resourcing that has a number of benefits to organisations.  We offer the following flexible models to better suit the non-standard needs of our clients:

  • Targeted Augmentation – Small teams with expert domain knowledge to augment existing project capability. These teams would typically constitute key related disciplines such as PM, BA and Architect. All resources would be pre-briefed in the engagement, culture and ways of working such that they hit the ground running. Also applies to individual project roles.
  • Talent Now – Access to project and business resources on a pure day by day basis. For example, you may need a BA for 30 days to fill a gap but don’t want to pay a contractor for 3 or 6 months. In this case, our resources would fill the gap and you only pay for what you need. Same rules apply as above regarding pre-briefing.

Benefits of these models include:

  • High-capability consulting talent at hybrid rates, with flexible timing and engagement options
  • Brought in on a “solutions” basis, not a “labour hire” basis, around outcomes and deliverables
  • Re-usable, dependable talent pool that can scale at short notice with flexible start and end timing without worrying about long-term retention
  • Offered on a “partnering” basis with the same talent available over time, and no loss of IP or domain knowledge
  • Guaranteed performance with senior oversight and escalation channels, rather than unmanaged, risky and patchy contractor pools