Transformation Strategy

We build compelling strategies for business transformation with a focus on transforming the customer experience, operations, workforce, corporate services and technology.


Organisations often face a range of very strategic challenges at the intersection of market dynamics, operating challenges and constraints, competitive threats, growth opportunities, and investor demands.

Leaders are challenged to formulate responses that address challenges head on, fundamentally answering the decisions of where to play and how to win. Often, we see business in ‘seasons’ or phases reflecting their fundamental challenges: mature operators looking to improve profitability through efficiencies, solve leakage and optimise; legacy businesses wanting to modernise and digitise to build a future-fit business that can out-compete; growth businesses driving organic as well as inorganic expansion but wanting to avoid growing the current operating issues, constraints and pain points along the way.

How We Help

We help formulate the transformation strategies that deliver operating outcomes called for in high level business and corporate strategy. Our focus is on transforming the key business aspects of customer engagement, operations across both service & product businesses, and corporate services. The major transformation levers we address include process and operating models, workforce, technology, governance, outsourcing, and corporate performance.

These transformation strategies aim to build a better, more scalable and more profitable business with sustainable competitive advantage.

Three areas are key in our transformation strategy:

Customers and the end-to-end customer journey spanning marketing, sales, fulfilment, support, and offboarding – looking to align the customer experience with strategic objectives

Operations and the end-to-end production or service value streams spanning planning, production or service delivery, distribution and support – looking to optimise the value chain in line with strategic objectives

Corporate Services and the provision of quality, efficient, scalable and streamlines support services into the organisation – looking to build agility and scale in line with strategic objectives

What We Do

Operational Excellence Strategy
Customer Experience Strategy
Corporate Services Strategy
Outsourcing Strategy
Digital Strategy
Sourcing Strategy
Information Strategy


We address transformation across whole of business spanning all areas from sales and marketing, through finance, human capital, assets and operations.

We have deep expertise across various sectors and sector-specific plaforms, including manufacturing, aged & disability care, banking, retail, energy and more.

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