Rae Zeng

Rae Zeng

Associate Consultant

Areas of Expertise

Business Analysis

Business Process Mapping

Customer Service 


Bachelor of Business (Information Systems), University of Queensland

Bachelor of Economics (International Economics and Trade)

Rae is a skilled data professional with expertise in several key areas. With a deep understanding of Python, Rae can expertly profile, analyse, and deliver insightful reports based on complex datasets. Rae is also experienced in SQL, which enables her to effectively manage databases and perform data analysis.
Additionally, Rae has a strong background in Power BI, allowing her to not only analyse data but also to create impactful visualizations that help clients and stakeholders to better understand complex datasets. With a strong focus on data analysis and reporting, Rae’s skills are invaluable in today’s data-driven business world.

Rae is passionate about business analysis, especially data analysis and process mapping. She has experience in the banking industry as sales manager and account manager. clients include retail, hotels, manufacturing, and construction. She can engage with multiple stakeholders and deliver high-quality customer service.
She also has information systems management experience in the retail industry, involving database management, business analysis, and process improvement.

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