Platform Transformation

We help businesses drive their transformation agenda further, faster with expertise across the full lifecycle of platform strategy, selection, implementation, and optimisation.


You’re building a better business. You need platforms that are future-fit.

We’re partners in the mission to rethink, replace or refresh core business platforms to deliver efficiency, create delight, and build scale. We bring together uncommon depth across technology platforms, business process excellence, modern better practice and business transformation to deliver genuinely impactful outcomes.


Our areas of platform specialisation include customer engagement, people, work & pay, finance, projects, supply chain & procurement, assets, operations and more. In addition, we’re also expert in a range of sector-specific platforms; be it manufacturing, aged & disability care, funds management, banking & lending, mining, energy, retail, transportation and more.

We are fiercely vendor independent – we’re not resellers or partners, we don’t have inhouse product teams. we don’t play favourites.

In having advised dozens of clients facing common platform challenges, we’ve built considerable intellectual property, methods and accelerators, market and product knowledge, planning and budgeting wisdom, and implementation success habits.


  1. Modernisation of legacy platforms
  2. Streamlined processes and ways of working
  3. Digitisation of documents, workflow and interactions
  4. Delight in the customer and staff experience
  5. Insight from deeper and more realtime data and analytics
  6. Scale with platforms that meet future growth demands
  7. Transformation of key operations in line with strategy
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What We Do

We deliver the full lifecycle of platform transformation in four pillars.

Conduct a strategic review of current platforms, operations and business performance to inform the opportunity space. Define a target state for the business and technology platforms based on business strategy and mission. Build a business and technology architecture that supports that. Define the roadmap, with strategic costs and benefits, to get there.


Build intelligence on solutions that meet strategy and architecture constraints. Conduct a formal product and partner shortlisting and evaluation against better practice requirements. Validate solution, finalise pricing, and map out risks. Build a rigorous implementation plan with resourcing, costs and benefits fully defined. After board or executive gates, procure the solution.


Deliver a complete business solution, comprising platform, process and people change spanning key stages of planning, design, build, migration, integration, testing & validation, release and stabilisation. We can support businesses with any or all of: governance & assurance, programme & project management, business leads, change leads, test leads, and broader delivery teams augmenting internal and third party resources.


Post-implementation change adoption to new ways of working. Active benefits management and realisation. Remediating or reimplementing existing systems, or otherwise automating around them, to optimise business outcomes without large capital outlays for major replacements.


Our vendor and product knowledge spans Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 solutions common to every enterprise as well as specific to particular lines of business and sectors.

Our firsthand expertise with the platforms above spans all lifecycle stages from strategy, to selection, to implementation and beyond.

These platforms align with one or more business areas below.

Our Areas Of Specialisation

Our platform and process depth spans the full scope of the enterprise. We bring expertise in architecting, aligning, and defining what great looks like from the front office to the back office, across multiple sectors and line of business.
  • Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 solutions across a range of core business platforms.
  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • FCM - Financial Cost Management
  • SCM - Supply Chain Management
  • EAM - Enterprise Asset Management
  • PPM - Portfolio & Program Management
  • P2P - Procure to Pay
  • HCM - Human Capital Management
  • WFM - Workforce Management
  •   .. and more ..

Each box above represents a business area with its related platforms and processes. We think of these in multiple "pillars", shown at the top, representing collections of platforms and processes in broad groups like Corporate Services, Operations, Customer and so on. Importantly, "Your Line of Business" shown at the right represents any given client's platforms and processes specific to their sector and business. At the bottom, we show the enterprise-wide platforms that span multiple functions and processes.

Our Track Record

We prize our client relationships and work hard to deliver great outcomes. We're proud to maintain a long and referenceable list of successes.
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