Platform Optimisation

The journey doesn't end once platforms are in. The mission to drive adoption, optimise process, progressively digitise and lift performance is ongoing, and is often the critical element that drives real business transformation versus simply implementing technology.


Businesses at the end of major platform implementations often suffer change fatigue in simply crossing the finish line. Its at this point that the real race to drive adoption and outcomes often begins. As project teams wind down and business users gear up, realities set in around functionality not yet delivered, processes not fully understood or defined, unmet change resistance and poor adoption. These challenges erode at business case realisation and the delivery of transformational outcomes.

Conversely, businesses that need to leave current platforms in place – choosing to ‘sweat the asset’ through smarter automation and optimisation tactics rather than embark on major replacement projects – will often need to apply the very same approaches to ongoing optimisation of current platforms as those for recently live implementations.

How We Help

We work tirelessly to deliver every outcome of a platform transformation business case in full, through continuous improvement to frontline behaviours, habits and processes post go-live, active benefits management, rapid and frequent system enhancements, and the use of agile automation techniques to close the gaps in platform functionality and integration.

We help take any ‘current state’ platform – whether newly operational or an existing legacy platform – and help get the most out of its operation through a range of automation innovations and process change.

What We Do

Change Adoption
Benefits Realisation
Operating Model & Organisational Redesign
Process & Performance Optimisation
Intelligent Automation
Platform Remediation & Re-Implementation


Our consulting areas span all core business areas including from sales and marketing, finance, human capital, assets and operations, and more and our ongoing post-implementation optimisation work focuses on lifting the process adoption, efficiency, scale and performance in these areas.

We have deep expertise across various sectors and sector-specific plaforms, including manufacturing, aged & disability care, banking, retail, energy and more.

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