Process Excellence

Transformational process change occurs when the three aspects of Process Management, Process Improvement and Process Automation align in a single approach to build breakthrough organisational capability, a balanced and comprehensive view of solutions, and a framework for significant and sustainable outcomes.


Traditional approaches to business process transformation are far more effective when integrated and into a single approach that progressively builds maturity at management, improvement and automation over time.

Often businesses may embark on a traditional approach to Business Process Management, but under-invest in the efforts for step-change improvement and will often under-deliver in terms of outcomes and the strategic impact and relevance of the programme.

In other cases, Business Process Improvement programmes – commonly Lean Six Sigma – may focus on frontline, business process-only change but also commonly ignore the significant potential that tactical process automation can deliver, and will remain constrained in impact.

More recently, we observe that organisations launch tactical automation programmes, typically RPA, but lack an over-arching framework grounded in process improvement and process management that guides, controls and aligns work – and outcomes – in a single approach.

How We Help

Leveraging our many years of experience and numerous deployments of enterprise-scale process management, lean six sigma process improvement, and complex process automation we have developed a single approach that unifies these approaches into a Business Process Excellence framework with a balanced scorecard of results at its centre.


Our BPX framework defines a maturity model over five key stages, starting with basic capabilities where none may exist beforehand and progressively building on these in a balanced way across each of the three streams. This maturity model allows an organisation to measure itself, understand relevant next steps along a measured journey towards better practice, and avoid jumping ahead to or over-investing in advanced capabilities too early. Overall this approach maintains alignment and balance across all three key streams of manage, improve and automate.


This framework has been highly successful in driving more impactful outcomes results at pace, building a more effective enterprise process capability across the enterprise, and delivering on more strategically relevant transformation.

What We Do

Process Excellence Strategy
Executive Alignment & Governance
Balanced BPX Scorecard
Current State Maturity Assessment
Diagnostic & Opportunity Discovery
Target State Roadmap Development
BPX Team/Function Formation & Establishment
BPM/BPI/BPA Solution Selection & Implementation
Process Excellence Training & Mentoring
Process Architecture & Modelling
Process Improvement/Automation Framework
Improvement/Automation Initiative Delivery
Ongoing BPX Coaching & Mentoring


We have implemented process excellence into all business areas from sales and marketing, through finance, human capital, assets and operations.

We have deep expertise across various sectors and sector-specific plaforms, including manufacturing, aged & disability care, banking, retail, energy and more.

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