Process Improvement

Once processes are defined and managed, the journey to improvement begins. We bring global best practice approaches and strategies to drive major step-changes in process performance, cost, throughput and quality.


Leaders will often recognise the need to improve process performance, but struggle with the exact tools and techniques that really cut through the status quo constraints – current ways of thinking, people and organisational design constraints, and the limiting factors of current technology platforms. These issues, unmet, pose real barriers to meaningful process improvement.

Often, leaders also observe mixed results from traditional approaches: simpler frontline continuous improvement schemes that generate activity but may not deliver major step-change; generic improvement projects that don’t create ongoing and sustainable changes to ways of working; large-capital technology transformations that don’t fully address process execution, productivity or performance; and outsourcing initiatives that shift processes issues elsewhere without really solving them.

How We Help

We blend global best practice methods across Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints into a highly pragmatic results-oriented framework, informed by years of experience in deep process improvement and performance optimisation. As a team of master black belts and black belts (using the Lean Six Sigma ‘belt’ parlance) we are strategists, implementers, trainers, coaches and improvement experts with a track record across a number of industries in solving complex process optimisation challenges.

We are highly experienced in transforming and optimising processes in complex, high volume transactional environments across various contexts including banking and loan origination, superannuation administration, retail and telecommunications customer services. We are also highly experienced in physical production contexts where optimisation of physical value chains is critical including manufacturing, logistics, hospitals and more. We apply innovations in process redesign, work and role redesign, work automation strategies, process risk and quality controls, lean performance metrics (and a focus on takt as the drumbeat for throughput) in a process.

While process improvement can sometimes be seen as a standalone capability, distinct from process management and process automation, we bring these three complimentary capabilities together into a single integrated framework delivering Business Process Excellence.

What We Do

Lean Enterprise Strategy & Implementation
Six Sigma Strategy & Implementation
Theory of Constraints-based Modelling & Optimisation
Process Diagnostic & Opportunity Discovery
Process Design, Service Design, Work & Role Redesign
Process Cost Reduction & Labour Efficiency Optimisation
Performance, Throughput & Bottleneck Optimisation
Process & Work Automation
Customer Experience Redesign
Large-scale Transaction Centre Optimisation
Large-scale Production Value Stream Optimisation
Performance Framework and Metric Design
Process Improvement Training & Mentoring


Our improvement experience spans multiple business areas, often with deep prior experience in known solutions to complex process challenges, across sales and service quoting, finance processes, human capital & pay processes, assets and operations processes, and more.

We have deep expertise across various sectors and sector-specific plaforms, including manufacturing, aged & disability care, banking, retail, energy and more.

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