Process Management

High performance starts and finishes with process. At the heart of any operation of any scale, lie the processes, practices and ways of working that define how well business value is created and delivered. We help build the disciplines, capabilities and strategies necessary to expertly manage process.


No matter the area – from sales, to operations, support, finance or human resources – poor business process management leads to poor performance, inefficiency, errors and quality issues, queues and backlogs, inconsistency and a lack of real control. The symptoms of these very real pain points manifest in poor customer satisfaction, increased labour costs, staff turnover, increased operating risk and more.

In tackling these issues, leaders can find the pathways misleading – blaming and replacing technology platforms, restructuring staff and functions, attempting to reset culture, or outsourcing (the process and its problems). While those options have value, genuine and sustainable improvement comes from managing business processes well – the disciplined approach to defining, organising, controlling and optimising the way the workforce does its work – from high level value streams through to frontline tasks.

Strong process management creates a platform for success, where process leads technology platforms (‘process first’, not vice versa), people work to standard, process issues are made visible and tackled with robust tools to identify and embed improvements, and the entire process is well governed in line with normal management policy.

How We Help

We help organisation build process discipline and maturity into their operations. The goal is efficiency, effectiveness and scale. Our approach leverages the best of formal Business Process Management theory with practical experience implementing process modelling, process governance, process management capability, process improvement and more.

We implement Business Process Management using a 5-stage maturity model honed over many successful BPM implementations to introduce process discipline progressively. At each stage we aim to drive real outcomes in efficiency, consistency, quality, customer experience and financial outcomes.

Our BPM capabilities span everything from process architecture and mapping, through to process ownership and governance frameworks, to frontline procedures, controls and work practices, to major process redesign and transformation to deliver significant performance benefits.

While process management can sometimes be seen as a standalone discipline, distinct from process improvement and process automation, we bring these three complimentary capabilities together into a single integrated framework delivering Business Process Excellence.

What We Do

Business Process Management Strategy
BPM Software Selection & Implementation
Process Governance & Ownership Framework
Process Mapping & Architecture
Procedure & Work Instruction Definition
Major Process Design & Transformation
Process Controls Framework & Risk Management
Voice of Customer Management
Process Management Training & Mentoring
Pre-Built Process Assets & Frameworks


We have process management expertise across a range of business areas, and have built assets and process frameworks that reflect modern better practice across areas from sales and marketing, to finance, human capital, payroll, assets, operations, and more.

We have deep expertise across various sectors and sector-specific plaforms, including manufacturing, aged & disability care, banking, retail, energy and more.

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