Strategy & Transformation

We build better strategy, with robust Strategic Business Planning driven down to actionable and aligned detail
We deliver transformation through Operational Excellence, Major Business Change & Strategic Cost Reduction
Our strategic client outcomes include profitability, operational agility, customer & market, and business model innovation

We help businesses build breakthrough strategy. Strategy that tranforms the enterprise and delivers a range of core benefits.

We do it by bringing a robust strategic planning approach, coupled with expert insight and steering, cascaded and aligned into a focussed, actionable plan with the right discipline around execution. In addition, we are experts in formulating and delivering strategic change across a number of fronts:

  • Organisational Transformation including large-scale cultural and business transformation
  • Strategic Change Programmes across process, people, technology and platforms
  • Operational Excellence – frontline efficiency and effectiveness
  • Strategic Cost Reduction with best of breed approaches to
  • Business & Operating Model strategy including BPO, ventures, supply chain strategy, & right-shoring

Our Approach To Strategy & Strategy Execution

Our strategic planning approach brings the organisation’s own domain expertise and executive steering together in a managed better-practice process. Our robust approach allows executives to focus on strategic content, not on a strategy & planning process. The outcome is a faster, better, more impactful strategy that is implementation-ready on launch day.

Execution is key, and organisations often struggle to implement well and fully delivering strategic outcomes – this remains one of the essential differentiators between highly successful organisations, and the rest. We assist enterprises and teams execute their strategy by properly cascading strategy into functions (using Hoshin Kanri processes), aligning agendas and business-as-usual with strategic change, building team empowerment and accountability around results, establishing principles to help teams stay on track despite inevitable challenges that arise, and changing frontline attitude and behaviours to drive a strategy-led culture.

Aligning Strategy & Transformation

Strategy drives all aspects of business improvement, including defining the outcomes and approach for Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma, plus the agenda for Business Change and projects. Linkages from Performance & Insight must feed back into strategy scans and checkpoints.

Our Strategy & Transformation Clients

How We Assist

Strategic Business Planning
Operational Excellence Strategy
Transformational Change Programmes
Strategic Cost Reduction

Strategic Business Planning

Driving business forward requires a robust, insightful and actionable business strategy; the path to great strategy execution first begins with great strategy formulation and planning.

We assist organisations by facilitating the strategic planning process for both long-range strategy development as well as annual/short-range business planning. Executives naturally possess deep domain expertise and long-range vision, but as an executive team may sometimes lack an integrated, efficient strategic planning process to review and test, to formulate and cascade, especially with cross-functional and complex operational areas involved.

We assist, with a robust strategic planning process that:

  • Builds strategic insight, both internal and external
  • Formulates and evaluates strategy, driven from an underlying enterprise vision
  • Defines strategic success, mission and objectives in terms of SMART goals
  • Cascades and aligns operational plans within and across business areas
  • Deploys the operational discipline required to deliver the strategy

As co-pilots and facilitators of this process within a business, we aren’t called on to be the domain experts, but rather to ensure the right level of strategic thought and discussion, to ensure voices are heard, to make sure outcomes and accountabilities are clear and aligned, and to cut through complexity to deliver an actionable plan.

As with any strategic change, the formulation of a plan is only the start – strategy execution is the key that unlocks breakthrough outcomes – so we focus on helping organisations cascade and align initiatives, build accountability and focus, establish a clear view of strategic success outcomes, and be agile and adaptive when responding to emergent factors that inevitably challenge execution.

Operational Excellence Strategy

At the core of high performing organisations is a “way of working” that brings together talented people, excellent work practices, great processes & platforms, and constant learning & improvement. Taken together, these aspects form a platform for Operational Excellence, a strategic driver of breakthrough performance and an enabler of competitive advantage, across industries as diverse as banking, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and more. Operational excellence is both a strategy and an outcome; a key part of legacy building for executives committed to building a high performing organisation, as well as a drive of profitability, customer delight, efficiency and performance.

We are experts in building and deploying Operational Excellence programmes across whole-of-enterprise, or within individual business units, to drive performance, profitability, service or product quality, cultural and workforce transformation, and more.

There is truly no “one size fits all” approach to building enterprise excellence, and so its critical to first begin with a strategic intent and overall mission, tailoring the approach and methods that best drive those outcomes, adapted to the scale and complexity of the organisation. There is a core set of “better practice” approaches including Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, TRIZ, Business Process Management, and more – that need blending and adapting into a single coherent approach, that delivers results while also transforming practice; underpinned by teamwork, honest evaluation and continuous improvement habits that drive excellence over time.

Transformational Change Programmes

Delivering transformational change is central to any breakthrough business strategy, but the experience of many companies delivering major change programmes is that they become complex, costly and often fall short of their vision and business case.

Transformation change programmes are not simply larger versions of “ordinary” projects, and shouldn’t be implemented as such. Transformational change programmes are akin to “journeys” that are defined and led by strategic benefits and outcomes rather than fixed scope interventions; they require the highest levels of executive engagement, a hybrid of business line change as well as project-led change, frequent change “drops” and associated course-correction based on a benefits scorecard with tactical agility (not large monolithic “build” programmes that are impossible to maneuver), and a focus on culture and behaviours to drive adoption and engagement.

While transformational change takes many forms – whether its technological innovation, new product and market strategies, efficiency and performance streamlining, customer experience transformation other other operating model change – we have a track record in forming, leading and delivering large transformation change programmes through mastering success factors that appear consistently in all major change:

  • Tight business alignment and integration with BAU, rather than a major “off-to-the-side” programme office with “touchpoints”
  • Clearly defined success metrics, mission horizons that map the journey in detail, and a “multiple paths” model to outcomes
  • Blended practice, process & platform approach that doesn’t shift the burden of change onto technology and in face delivers benefits through agile business-first interventions rather than large, complex IT solutions
  • Smaller change releases and faster learning cycles that maintain engagement and results
  • Novel models for better accountability and empowerment of teams, driving better pace of change
  • A benefits-led and customer-led approach with a robust 5-point sponsorship model to provide better governance over large transformation

Strategic Cost Reduction

For organisations looking to drive improvements to bottom line more strategically, beyond mere headcount reduction or category management, we provide a robust approach to deliver significant cost reduction across direct and indirect spend, for both variable and fixed categories.

We bring a multi-pronged approach that encompasses all spend:

  • For direct workforce spend, we look at operational efficiency including production, storage, distribution and service, and for service organisations we address failure demand, process efficiency and automation
  • For direct materials spend, we deliver strategic sourcing combined with production process improvement
  • For indirect workforce spend, we look at smart process redesign to significantly cut out wasted effort, process robotics to eliminate manual low-value work, and a blend of sensible offshoring and outsourcing for talent-based resourcing
  • For indirect materials or transaction costs, we deliver strategic sourcing and category spend management to deliver unit rate reduction, and process improvement to improve consumption levels
  • In addition, we have deep expertise in workforce sizing, addressing structures, spans and layers, to drive a leaner and more frontline-focussed organisation

We have significant expertise addressing larger questions of the business and operating model, including insourced vs outsourced functions, partnerships and ventures for strategic product or distribution benefits, channel strategies and improving cost-to-serve across and within channels, as well as acquisitions or divestments to deliver cost synergies.

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