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Boosting Government Efficiency in Australia

Local governments in Australia are increasingly adopting digital solutions to streamline operations and improve community services. Newcastle City Council is a prime example, recently transitioning from traditional paper-based systems to a more modern, digital approach. This shift has enhanced efficiency and aligned with their goals of improving productivity and decision-making processes.
City of Newcastle, NSW

Digital Transformation at Newcastle City Council

The move from paper-based timesheets to a digital solution marks a significant step forward for Newcastle City Council. Serving over 170,000 residents with about 1,200 staff members, the council’s shift to digital has enabled considerable gains in time, cost savings, and resource management.

This transition aligns with the council’s broader objectives to enhance operational efficiency and workforce productivity. By adopting a digital platform, the council has streamlined its workflow, eliminated approximately 80% of manual data entry tasks, and empowered its staff to focus on higher-value activities.

Implementing TechnologyOne’s CiA Platform

At the heart of this transformation was the adoption of TechnologyOne’s CiA (Connected Intelligence Application) platform, chosen for its seamless integration capability, scalability, and robust framework conducive to future digital growth. The TechnologyOne platform revolutionised day-to-day task management with its intuitive interface, which is crucial to the council’s drive towards efficiency and process optimisation.

The implementation of the TechnologyOne platform extended benefits beyond digitalising timesheets. It enabled a holistic transformation in data management, granting staff the agility to access and update information in real-time from any device, improving resource management and community service responsiveness. Transitioning to this cloud-based SaaS model also meant the council could enhance data security and system reliability while reducing IT expenditure.

Delivering The Benefits

One of the key outcomes of this digital transformation is the substantial increase in process efficiency. The new system allows for immediate access to critical operational information, facilitating real-time reporting, better cost control, and more informed decision-making. This has not only improved the council’s ability to manage and allocate resources effectively but also boosted the productivity of its workforce.

While environmental and sustainability benefits are part of this digital shift—such as the projected saving of around 12 tonnes of paper annually—these aspects complement the core focus of enhancing process optimisation and efficiency. The council’s commitment to reducing paper use and conserving water resources aligns with its sustainability goals but remains secondary to achieving operational excellence.

The successful implementation of this digital solution demonstrates the potential for local governments to leverage technology to improve efficiency and productivity significantly. Newcastle City Council’s experience underscores the value of digital transformation in streamlining processes, enabling better service delivery to the community, and setting a benchmark for other councils to follow.