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Partners of choice for business-centric technology solutions across development, implementation & automation
We deliver major efficiency, cost, quality and customer wins through Process Robotics & Desktop Automation
We focus on benefits-led and business-centric solutions, with genuine partnering approach for success.

Our approach to systems implementation combines a linear approach to scoping, requirements gathering, product selection and implementation with a business-centric focus on process improvement, user experience innnovation, benefits (defined before, and realised after) and stakeholder engagement.  Businesses often make the mistake of going system first, not process first, and we work closely with our client to understand there business landscape and ensure the technology solution fits the business needs.

We also partner to deliver automation solutions at various levels of scale including:

  • Office desktop automation
  • Process Robotics Automation
  • Custom software development
  • Offshore Devops and Testing
  • Package implementation

Driving Strategic Benefit

Our difference is that we are genuinely business and results led.

With process improvement, ux innovation, defined and realised benefits, we engage the business first to ensure any resultant technology decision truly deliver the business benefit envisaged.  In short, we solve the system vs process debate by bringing both together on every implementation.

We’ve delivered very large core system changes for F500 clients as well as managaing custom softare implementation and large scale automation for large and small organisations across a variety of industries.

In addition, as a provider of onshore / offshore DevOps and Testing expertise, we can leverage the global delivery model to add value to our clients.  Core capabilities here include:

  • Application and System development
  • Digital CX and UX development
  • Information Management
  • Enterprise and Solution Architecture
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Infrastructure solutions
  • System, User, Performance, Penetration Testing
  • Configuration & Release Management

Aligning Technology & Automation

Aligning Technology & Automation to core business strategy and business plans delivers a stronger more attainable benefits plan.  This business centric view will deliver better results than the technology led, product-centric view that some organisations still hold.

Our Process & Operational Excellence Clients

How We Assist

Robotic Process Automation
Application Development
Office (Excel/Access) Development
Systems Implementation
Onshore / Offshore Resourcing

Robotic Process Automation

Process robotics does for the desktop what manufacturing robotics did for the production line. It delivers complete automation within and across applications, manipulating software, spreadsheets, emails and files to reduce or eliminate manual effort for things like data entry, file export/import, data calculation and transformation, reporting & interfacing and more. Process robots can greatly reduce staff labour, slash lead time and queue time by operating 24×7 at a much faster pace than humans, improve quality by being completely rules based with no possibility of entry or process errors, are more secure with constant logging and auditing, and – critically – are infinitely scalable at a fraction of the cost of human labour.

We’ve been deploying process robotics solutions for over 12 years, from the earliest versions of scripting and screen scraper technologies, through to today’s enterprise solutions with central scheduling and control, bot farm management, and deep iBPMS integration. We are a leader in designing and deploying robotics solutions right-sized to any context and any budget.

Application Development

We develop better-practice, business-centric custom software solutions using a range of technologies, with experience in developing business applications across numerous industries and for a range of problems, both large and small. We follow an Agile approach that is driven by user-centric and business-centric models, with solutions developed rapidly and with fast learning cycles. We avoid costly and complex overheads and focus on development rigour and quality of the built solution. Our difference is that we’re primarily a business improvement consultancy – so we firstly work to deeply understand the business, its users and the processes involved before any development begins, and secondly we always bring a genuine process and user experience innovation to an application, something that can only come from deep experience in driving business improvement.

We develop on a range of technologies, centered around web application development:

  • Asp.Net and related Microsoft technologies (such as Sharepoint) for web and cloud applications
  • PHP for small-scale point-solution web applications running on a LAMP stack
  • Java for enterprise business logic and certain web application scenarios

Our solutions can either be deployed on-premises or cloud-deployed, with guaranteed support and maintenance options that ensure businesses have complete peace of mind with a managed solution that can be enhanced to scale with their business.

Office (Excel/Access) Development

An often overlooked area for agile, low-cost desktop automation is Microsoft Office. While not ideal in all scenarios, there is a wealth of automation potential within the reach of most business users and frontline managers in the form of Microsoft Excel and Access automation.

Microsoft Excel has a number of very powerful features that can be completely automated to reduce manual effort, improve timeliness and drive customer and internal improvement including

  • Automating data entry or export between workbooks and other systems
  • Charts and reporting, automatically run and published or emailed without needing intervention
  • Integration with email, web sites and web services, databases and server applications
  • Business logic and complex analysis, modelling and calculations across multiple workbooks and sources

Microsoft Access is an agile and low-cost platform that meets the needs for business users to capture structured business data using forms, reports and related datasets. These solutions are great for better-than-excel data capture and simple entry/query/report scenarios, representing simple and effective solutions for smaller budgets.

We believe Excel and Access represent an under-served area of opportunity, and that they hold an appropriate place along a spectrum of automation solutions. Typically, Excel and Access development – especially scripting and integration work – requires specialist resourcing but often such resources are external operators with poor standards, highly variable quality and timeliness, and no retained IP so that if the contractor moves on, any solution becomes unsupported. We’ve built a genuine partnership approach with organisations to develop Excel and Access solutions, whereby we fully document, support and maintain all solutions, including service levels and end user training. As a business improvement consultancy with software development expertise, we adopt good development practice and can right-size a solution without over-complicating or under-specifying, and we are on-call with all business knowledge retained and shared for future engagements.

Systems Implementation

Systems implementation projects are often costly, complex and risk-laden. They represent a consistently large proportion of the change budget for most organisations, and contain numerous “moving parts” including sponsor and business mission, business process design, product and vendor selection, culture and people change, etc. We aim to go beyond classic technology-centric approaches to systems implementation, with a comprehensive business-centric approach that addresses:

  • Business mission and objectives clearly articulated in terms of measurable benefits and outcomes
  • Defined future state requirements including people, process and practices around the new software platform
  • Package & vendor selection with the robust selection of both a software solution and a responsive partner/platform supporting future needs
  • Gap solutioning for bespoke or tailored aspects where critical business needs are unmet by an application
  • Solution architecture that blends both technical merit and results-oriented pragmatism, rather than a purist approach
  • Strong benefits realisation where business case on hard and soft metrics is robustly measured, controlled and realised

We have proven expertise across the entire lifecycle of large and complex systems implementation projects, in diverse industries from banking to logistics to healthcare. Our partnership approach means we focus on business outcomes first. We do this by bringing genuine process improvement to every implementation, focussing on risk and opportunity management, clearly defining and realising benefits throughout, and maintaining complete impartiality in our vendor and product assessments. We remain the partner of choice to leading F500 organisations for their systems implementation initiatives, whether its architecture, implementation or rationalisation.

Onshore / Offshore Resourcing

As a provider of onshore / offshore DevOps and Testing expertise, we can leverage the global delivery model to add value to our clients.

Through our Indian arm, we are uniquely placed to help out clients keep up with the digital demands of their customers and to combat industry disruption through a cost effective proven onshore/offshore model.  While operational costs remain a top concern for Executives, our model can deliver bottom line savings and actually enhance your growth or retention strategies.

For example, a highly skilled software engineer in India costs $50,000 (including all quality controls) vs around $100,000 for an onshore resource. That is a direct addition of $50,000 to your bottom line per resource. Partnering with Business Impact to host a small team of say 2-4 people (with full transparency and control) can easily see this benefit grow to $100k to $200k per annum. Thee saving can be better applied to growth and customer retention strategies.

In addition, it would be possible to set up a small development centre for you – we already have a integration and development engine running out of Bangalore, India – on a Build-Operate-Transfer model. In this model, we start off initially by being a vendor to you and then if you are happy with the operations, then we can transfer the people and the assets over to you and then it becomes your centre in India giving even greater benefits.

All concerns with offshore resources including transparency, quality, control etc. will be covered by us as part of our service and combining this with targeted onshore resources to manage the offshore team can minimise perceived risk for a still significant blended rate saving.

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