Process Transformation

We help businesses streamline, organise and optimise business processes to build a high performing operation. Our integrated approach to business process excellence covers architecting, governing, improving, automating & optimising processes.


Our mission is to build a high performing organisation through business process excellence.

At the heart of every high performing business are efficient processes, well architected and designed to an optimum, automated for straight through end-to-end processing, delivering a superb customer and staff experience, and continuous monitored, managed and improved by leaders and frontline staff alike.

This mission of process excellence is central to creating thriving workplaces, retaining and growing revenue, and optimising cost. Achieving this mission is central to any transformation agenda.


We are deep process experts with a significant background in Business Process Management (BPM), Lean and Six Sigma (LSS), intelligent process automation using a variety of automation strategies and solutions spanning Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), Low-Code Platform Services and more. Our team of process Master Black Belts and Black Belts (to borrow ‘belt’ parlance from Lean Six Sigma) have driven large-scale process transformation across various sectors and business areas, have lectured and trained several thousand staff, and delivered extensive improvement portfolios.

In particular, we have solved complex challenges in high-throughput transaction processing and optimising large-scale administrative work processes in operations centres spanning banking & financial services, logistics, aged & disability care, and telecommunications, amongst others. Similarly, we are specialists in physical value stream optimisation across a range of physical processes including manufacturing (process and discrete), hospitals and patient flow, fast moving consumer goods, and resources sectors for CSG well delivery, amongst others.

We have engineered an advanced Business Process Excellence framework that integrates three classical, often distinct, approaches in Process Management, Process Improvement, and Process Automation. This framework pragmatically blends the best of Lean, Six Sigma, BPM and more, within a five-stage maturity model, that delivers superior results while building long-term internal capability.


  1. Clarity in well defined, cleanly architected processes
  2. Leadership, governance and alignment around process ownership
  3. Insight into process performance, productivity and root cause
  4. Consistency in execution through well-trained and well-adopted procedures
  5. Efficiency by reducing effort & delays, removing waste and optimising work
  6. Effectiveness through quality assurance, mistake-proofing & standardisation
  7. Compliance through risk reduction, active controls & strong documentation
  8. Automation and complete process digitisation end to end
  9. Delight in the customer experience and customer retention
  10. Elevation of staff away towards higher value activity
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What We Do

We support organisations looking to implement any of the various approaches to process transformation.

Strategies that bring discipline, organisation and ownership to processes as a formal capability for any organisation. Our services in Process Management enable businesses to move to become process-capable organisations by engaging leaders in the journey to governing processes, defining what great looks like from high to low levels of detail, ensuring process performance is measured and managed, and bringing the software tools and standards to ensure the enterprise is process-aligned.


Global best practices in process improvement to optimise process performance, throughput, cost and quality through smarter redesign of work and flow across processes of any size or complexity. Our methods extend in particular to high-volume transactional and production contexts, where we focus on streamlining work, reducing complexity, minimising queue and touch time, and delivering a transformed customer experience.


Breakthrough approaches to agile, low-capital process automation with software solutions that fit in and around existing platforms, delivering end to end workflow, digital forms and documents, robotic process automation, and more. We provide services to build the internal capabilities to deliver automation strategy, software, methods and frameworks for long-term success.


Our approach, built on years of deep expertise leading process transformation, that integrates process management, process improvement and process automation into a single framework to accelerate outcomes and improve long-term success. This framework is based on a five-stage maturity model that guides organisations from low maturity towards advanced capabilities, rightsized and tailored for their context and desired outcomes.

Process Platforms

There are a range of software solutions that deliver the process transformation capabilities above, and as vendor-neutral advisors we have experience supporting clients in sourcing and implementing solutions to drive optimum outcomes.

Our firsthand expertise with the platforms above spans all lifecycle stages from strategy, to selection, to implementation and beyond.

Our Process Excellence Framework

Our approach to process excellence defines a five-stage maturity model and an integrated approach across process management, process improvement and process automation that provides a blueprint for transforming businesses towards high-performing, process-capable organisations.

Each box above represents a business area with its related platforms and processes. We think of these in multiple "pillars", shown at the top, representing collections of platforms and processes in broad groups like Corporate Services, Operations, Customer and so on. Importantly, "Your Line of Business" shown at the right represents any given client's platforms and processes specific to their sector and business. At the bottom, we show the enterprise-wide platforms that span multiple functions and processes.

Our Track Record

We prize our client relationships and work hard to deliver great outcomes. We're proud to maintain a long and referenceable list of successes.
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