Business Transformation

We help drive major business transformation from strategy through execution focussing on the core levers of internal change that drive profitability, competitive advantage and growth.


Our mission is to build better businesses, transforming the way they work, their scale and impact, and delivering strategic outcomes.

Our focus is on transforming several aspects key to the way every organisation works: strong customer and market engagement, high performing operations, scalable and efficient corporate services, robust governance and performance management.


Our consulting team have formed, led and delivered large scale transformation across healthcare, telecommunications, banking, funds management, manufacturing, transportation and more, with capabilities that specifically address several of the common models for business transformation, each with distinct approaches and outcomes, below:

Broad-based Business Transformation with major process, practice, people and technology components aiming to reduce costs, modernise and digitise, lift performance, restructure and renew the organisation, focussing on specific challenges arising from enterprise and business line strategy.

Operational Excellence Transformation that builds a high performing, streamlined, resilient operations – whether product- or service-based – addressing everything from supply chain design, production or service delivery, quality, risk, cost and timeliness. Operational excellence programmes typically incorporate global best practices from Lean and Six Sigma to deliver high-throughput, scalable operations environments, particularly in transactional contexts like call centres, support centres and processing environments.

Customer Experience Transformation addressing the customer journey, human-centred design for the customer experience, marketing and sales effectiveness, customer onboarding, customer support and relationship strategies aiming to drive delight, lifetime value and promoter effects.

Corporate Services Transformation designed to build efficient, streamlined, highly automated and scalable services across finance, human capital, technology, procurement, property & asset management, projects, and more. The focus in such transformations is on service excellence, business process automation and streamlining a “straight through” approach to processing, modernising key corporate platforms, and lowering total cost to serve.


  1. Cost Reduction through labour efficiency, spend reduction and operations optimisation
  2. Efficiency including reduced effort, improved timeliness and greater throughput
  3. Growth through customer and market strategies, acquisition and sales optimisation
  4. Agility to acquire and expand business, and build scale effectively
  5. Competitive strength through modernisation, improved strength of offering, and brand differentiation
  6. Compliance spanning quality improvement, improved risk exposure and regulatory compliance
  7. Governance, performance insight, management controls and operating discipline
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What We Do

We deliver major business transformation across the entire lifecycle from strategy through to execution.
Transformation Strategy

We build the transformation strategies that drive major outcomes across customers and markets, operations, corporate services and governance; with major change levers in technology, business process, workforce design, outsourcing and partnerships, and asset strategies.

Transformation Delivery

We deliver transformational change through large, often complex programmes, typically framed around operational excellence, customer experience, corporate services transformation, and disruptive business model change.

Operating Model Design

All good strategy sets a target that any transformational change must work towards. We help blueprint the operating model that defines how the business works, comprehensively across nine key layers, giving a clear model to build towards through strategy execution.

Operating Model Transformation

Our comprehensive operating model consciously addresses all aspects of the way any organisation works, top-down from customers, markets and over-arching governance through to operational aspects of service, people, process and technology design, right down to foundational assets and the operating footprint, in nine integrated layers.

Governance - governance structures, enterprise information, enterprise risk, policies and controls

Customer & Markets - covering the markets, brands, channels, customer segments & personas

Products & Services - service and/or product design, service delivery model / production model, service levels & grades, direct revenue and cost

Processes & Value Stream - key activity design, process architecture, operating practice/systems design

Organisation - workforce capabilities, organisational design, people & roles

Partners - outsourced partners for sales, labour, value-added production and distribution

Technology - applications and infrastructure, technology platforms, data

Assets & Infrastructure - footprint & locations, supply chain, plant and asset base, property

Economic Model - direct revenue and cost, contribution margin, overheads / corporate services, capital & funding models, acquisition modelling, sensitivities & scenario analysis

Our Track Record

We prize our client relationships and work hard to deliver great outcomes. We're proud to maintain a long and referenceable list of successes.
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