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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement 2024 Wave 1

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement 2024 Release Wave 1 includes a number of innovations and improvements from Microsoft. In this article we will highlight Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement 2024 Release Wave 1 and selected improvements across D365 Sales, D365 Customer Insights – Journeys, D365 Customer Service, and D365 Field Service.
Figure 1. Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement overview

Promote Customer Trust with Branded Email and Content Links

Avoiding untrustworthy autogenerated URLs by customising links with your company name – boosting trust, brand recognition, and campaign performance. Copilot’s vanity link feature lets businesses create up custom domain authentication links step-by-step. Authenticated vanity domains can host digital assets, forms, event registration sites, and preference centres and show URLs in emails.

Send Scheduling Now Help Reach Customers at the Right Time

Optimal message timing increases consumer engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. Real-time send scheduling capability lets communications be strategically distributed at certain times or days to match client preferences. The programme also sends messages when a business is ready, taking into account call centre hours and sales representative availability. This feature lets an organisation set send windows within journeys to hold messages until the next suitable time frame while respecting silent hours and frequency caps.

Copilot provides real-time insights on the homepage

Future Dynamics 365 Sales updates will boost sales productivity with integrated data, enrichment, processes, insights, and cutting-edge AI. Use new tools and experiences to develop your sales approach, from Copilot email assistance to client involvement. Watch for new style and customisable lead qualification. This sneak peak promises innovation to improve Dynamics 365, however dates may change.

Copilot for Sales integration with Word

This functionality automatically generates complete Microsoft Word documents using Copilot for Sales insights for meeting preparation. These documents have sections for: Participant and stakeholder details, opportunity summaries, relevant email summaries, summaries of previous meetings, open cases and tasks. This AI-powered innovation aims to boost productivity, customer satisfaction, and sales by offering instant access to vital data. To deploy this capability, you must enable Copilot for Sales and have a Microsoft 365 licence to use this feature.

Help Sellers Work In Parallel with Multiple Sequences

Assign distinct sequences to multiple sellers for a single Dynamics 365 record to enable collaborative selling. Sellers can collaborate efficiently by following their own steps with this upgrade.  As a sales manager or operations person, you can manage team coordination, view team members sequentially, add sequences to records, find extensive information on completed and forthcoming sequence actions.

Increase Productivity by Converting Voicemail to Case

Agents may now quickly turn voicemails into cases, speeding up triage and discovery. This feature improves voice channel integration by letting agents convert voicemails to cases with a click in their inbox. The objective is that customer complaints are resolved faster with the streamlined method.

Daily and 15-minute Case Volume Forecasts

Managers must balance agent capacity to minimise rising costs and wait times in customer service. The improved case volume forecasting capability provides 15-minute interval forecasts in addition to daily predictions for more accurate planning. This helps managers schedule agents more accurately, improving resource allocation and customer satisfaction.

Field Service and Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

The release wave integrates Field Service and Business Central, making it easy to handle work orders, track task progress, assign resources, and record consumption. Invoicing and fulfilment are easy after data transfers to Business Central. This unified workflow minimises manual data entry, decreases errors, and provides a complete view of service operations and financials, improving decision-making and efficiency.

Improve Schedule Board Usability and Performance

Updated schedule board usability and performance help technicians and dispatchers handle schedules more efficiently, increasing productivity and employee happiness. The updated schedule board architecture provides a more responsive and intuitive user interface, delighting technicians and dispatchers. An efficient diffing method and a virtual Document Object Model (DOM) speed up load speeds and respond instantly to user inputs, even during peak usage. The redesigned architecture is future-proof, supporting the latest web technology for easier maintenance and upgrades.

New, more intuitive user experience for Field Service Mobile 

Service-based companies need a high first-time fix rate for technicians to be efficient and satisfy customers. Modern mobile apps help digitise frontline worker workflows, complete the digital feedback loop. The app’s new interface lets technicians: get vital work details, swipe to update booking status and work more efficiently, reducing clicks and maximising focus. The native mobile user experience improves service technicians’ usability and efficiency with a new design, large touch targets, simpler booking lists, embedded guides, and easy access to customised interfaces.