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Elevate: Building Better Communities

At Exent, we believe in more than just delivering exceptional consulting services to our clients. We are deeply committed to giving back to our community and making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. With great excitement, we announce the launch of Elevate, our flagship program designed to embody our values through action.

Elevate’s Mission

Elevate represents Exent’s dedication to building a firm and a team that lives by our guiding principles. We understand the importance of leveraging our resources and expertise to uplift others, and Elevate embodies this ethos.

Our mission with Elevate is clear: to deliver at least $250,000 annually in tangible assistance to our community through various avenues.


Understanding Elevate

Elevate is a multifaceted program that encompasses four concrete ways in which we aim to make a difference:

Charitable Giving, Fundraising & Volunteering

We actively seek out causes where we can contribute through staff fundraising, firm charitable giving, matched contributions from staff, volunteer days, and donations of goods and time to charities. Our Elevate team organises regular giving events to support causes in the ways that they require the most.

Pathways Up For Communities of Need

We invest in providing learning and career development opportunities for those from communities of need, including youth, indigenous populations, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and victims of domestic violence re-entering the workforce. This includes internships, training events, and outplacement with other corporates, offered without cost or limit to those in need.

In-Kind Support For Social Enterprise

We offer in-kind support to eligible social and sustainability enterprises, Not-For-Profits, and rural and regional organisations. This support includes strategy development, business advice, and assistance with technology, process, and people improvement, helping them overcome operational challenges and deliver greater social benefits.

Building Awareness & Participation

We actively raise awareness and participation within Exent and more broadly. This includes supporting campaigns for causes such as domestic violence prevention and reconciliation and using our brand voice to amplify lesser-known causes. We aim to grow a coalition of businesses to join us in Elevating and magnifying our collective impact.

Our Five Guiding Principles

  • Do What We Can. Grow It Over Time: We take a holistic view of how we can help and aim to grow our impact over time by leveraging our network and resources.
  • Take the long view. Build to last: We encourage our staff to think strategically about their contributions and foster habits of awareness and impact over their careers.
  • No fluff. Get real about it: Elevate is not just talk; it’s a concrete way for us to build a social dividend into our mission and drive real results.
  • Connectedness is important: Active contribution fosters connectedness and empathy, making our team better consultants and creating win-win outcomes.
  • Avoid self-interest: We maintain clear motives and ensure Elevate focuses on making a difference rather than generating business.

As we launch Elevate, we invite you to join us in making a meaningful impact on our community. Together, we can elevate lives and create a brighter future for all.

Learn more about Elevate here