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New Business Process Automation entrant Innervate

Innervate, the customer experience solutions vendor based in Florida, announced it has launched Experience Automate, a business process automation (BPA) solution for customer experience (CX) use cases that delivers more efficient workflows, helps reduce manual tasks and create an upgraded working environment for businesses. This development represents a new entrant into BPA solutions – a crowded market – with a distinct focus on CX applications.
Figure 1. An overview of Innervate's Experience Automate solution

Innervate’s CX solutions

Innervate provides the infrastructure to easily network multiple CX systems across the digital customer experience, spanning marketing, sales, fulfilment, service and more. The vendor and core product offering aim to enable marketing teams to achieve more rapid outcomes with new customer insights and offerings rolling out CX solutions across an their existing technology ecosystem more economically and at their own pace.

One of the key challenges in assembling complex customer journey data is the rapid workflow modelling and customer journey automation – requiring rapid development and prototyping by non-developer users, as well as rapid evolution and incremental change, and the ability to move quickly with transparency into end to end processes.

“Experience Automate” – a new BPA capability

“Talented people have been struggling for years to orchestrate high-quality dynamic customer experiences at the speed the market demands — and before today, the world’s business automation tools haven’t helped much at all,” Mitchell Weisman, founder and CEO of Innervate, said. “Today, we’re thrilled to launch Experience Automate, the industry’s first low-code business process automation solution designed specifically for orchestrating world-class dynamic customer experiences. This new solution makes life better by bridging the gap between old-world manual processes and more streamlined operations.”

The new Business Process Automation capabilities support the lifecycle from CX production and trafficking to reporting, iteration, and beyond. Customers that drive a more agile BPA strategy (faster development, more agile iterative evolution, citizen-developers, etc) with Experience Automate support the drive for significant efficiency gains, improved employee experiences, faster time to market, data-driven insights, and consistent, personalised user experiences.

Some of the key Experience Automate capabilities and features include:

  • Co-Pilot Interface: This tool allows you to create interfaces that are suited to the specific demands of your organisation. Innervate’s custom front-end forms and wizards guarantee that every interaction is on-brand and relevant. The interface can be configured to speak the brand language, ensuring that digital platforms automatically reflect the company’s own language and naming traditions.
  • Co-Pilot Agents: Agents perform monotonous activities such as developing and deploying, allowing them to focus on strategy, creativity, and connection.
  • Co-Pilot APIs: Advanced customisation and extensive resources assist those looking to push the boundaries. Companies looking for a one-of-a-kind integration or specialised feature can choose from a variety of application programming interfaces, software development kits, and documentation.