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Oracle Cloud AI Enhancements

Oracle has announced the integration of advanced generative AI capabilities into its popular Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. These new features are expected to transform decision-making processes and enhance both employee and customer experiences.

Powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

The latest enhancements include a wide range of generative AI features that are seamlessly integrated into various business workflows, spanning finance, supply chain, HR, sales, marketing, and service domains. Oracle has also expanded its Guided Journeys framework to provide users with even more generative AI capabilities.

Built upon Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), these enhancements use cutting-edge AI services, offering over 50 generative AI use cases directly embedded within Oracle Fusion Applications. Leveraging OCI Generative AI Service, Oracle ensures customer data’s utmost security and privacy, with no sharing of sensitive information with external entities.

Each customer retains exclusive access to custom models trained on their data, reinforcing data confidentiality and security.

Figure 1. Oracle Fusion user interface

Enhanced AI Capabilities Across Business Functions

The newly embedded generative AI features within Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications offer several benefits across various functional areas:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

Insight Narratives: These narratives help identify anomalies, variances, and biases based on pattern recognition, providing richer context and actionable explanations for smarter decisions.

Management Reporting Narratives: Finance professionals can explain variances and trends impacting the business more effectively, improving productivity and report accuracy.

Predictive Forecast Explanations: Contextual commentary on forecasts aids in demystifying predictive models, building trust, and enabling broader adoption of predictive forecasting models.

Project Program Status Summary Generation: Program managers benefit from executive summaries drawn from projects and sub-programs, enhancing project transparency and reducing reporting time.

Project Plan and Proposal Generation: Project managers can generate tailored project plans efficiently, reducing development time and improving operational efficiency.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM):

Item Description Generation: Streamlined product descriptions highlight SEO keywords, saving time, reducing errors, and improving product description quality.

Supplier Recommendations: Efficient supplier addition to the supply chain improves sourcing efficiency, lowers costs, and reduces supplier risk.

Negotiation Summaries: Customised cover page summaries accelerate negotiations, increase savings, and maximise supplier outcomes.

Human Capital Management (HCM):

Job Category Landing Pages: Quick creation of high-quality landing pages tailored for different job categories increases candidate engagement.

Job Match Explanations: Candidates receive immediate feedback on job suitability, reducing decision-making time and enhancing candidate experience.

Candidate Assistant: Immediate answers to common questions keep candidates engaged, improving the recruitment process.

Manager Survey Generation: Quick generation of structured surveys facilitates timely employee feedback, informing actions and decisions promptly.

Customer Experience (CX):

Service Webchat Summaries: Intelligent summaries of chat sessions enhance issue tracking, reduce manual tasks for service agents, and improve the customer experience.

Assisted Authoring for Sales Content: Sales productivity increases with the generation of customer success stories from closed-won account history, speeding up deal closures.

Assisted Authoring and Recommendations for Marketing Collateral: Marketers receive recommendations for subject lines, email and landing page copy, and design enhancements, improving campaign speed and relevance.

These AI capabilities empower organisations to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and improve overall operational efficiency across the enterprise.

Generative AI Extensibility with Guided Journeys

Oracle Guided Journeys allows customers and partners to integrate their own generative AI capabilities seamlessly into Oracle Cloud HCM and SCM. This means organisations can tailor AI solutions to their unique industry needs, accelerating innovation and agility in response to evolving market demands.