Our Firm

Exent are business process, technology platform and transformation specialists.

Who We Are

As a dynamic and growing consultancy comprised of senior talent, our track record is built on deep expertise, strong results and even stronger relationships. While we draw on pedigrees in Big 4 consulting, we’re unashamedly “non-consultant” – preferring real candour, smaller teams moving at pace, authentic partnerships, and client self-sustainability.

Clients rely on us to build a more efficient, profitable and scalable operation by focussing on business processes, streamlining and automating work, improving performance and rethinking core technology platforms.

We are both advisors and implementors across the complete lifecycle from strategy to execution.


Headquartered in Brisbane we’ve served Fortune 100, Enterprise and Mid-Market clients in Australia & New Zealand, across all sectors, since 2014.

We solve process and technology challenges across all areas of the enterprise including finance, human capital, assets, marketing & sales, procurement, projects and more.

We work across all sectors and industries supporting the full transformation lifecycle from strategy to execution.

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Our Difference

As a leading boutique, we've built a difference in the market based on four key points.


Domain depth and expertise, innovations in method and strategy, senior talent and a track record on complex engagements

Candour &

Complete candour, genuine independence from vendors or third parties, no reseller arrangements, no internal product teams, no favourites.


Real humans, no consulting ‘robots’, a genuine belief in partnership and a constant drive for client success and self-sustainability

At Pace

Keeping engagements rightsized, moving at pace with a radical focus on outcomes an value, backed by a passion for outstanding work quality