Platform Implementation

Core business platform implementations can be challenging. Our implementation experience, better practice framework, and partnering approach helps deliver complex business solutions with better outcomes and less risk.


Our capability goes beyond advisory, into the delivery of complex business solutions at the intersection of business process, technology platform, people and operating model change into a single transformational programme of work.

The fact is that major platform implementations – typically ERP, CRM, EAM, HCM – are often done no more than once every 7 to 10 years, and business leaders often feel that internal capability simply doesn’t have the depth and breadth of experience to fully deliver solutions end to end. The significant technology risks, vendor risks, schedule and solution risks also pose challenges that demand real experience. In addition, larger implementations often consume key business resources for extended periods posing challenges to capacity and focus.

We find what’s needed is strong, but selective, support for implementation from a consulting partner with deep experience in solutions delivery, strong project delivery controls, better process and practice knowledge.

How We Help

Our value is operating as ‘Implementation Guardian’ to bring the external expertise in selective roles to assist and augment internal capability, with third party providers, as a single team.

We are able to take lead or support roles in everything from governance and assurance, through to programme/project management, through various stream leads and delivery resources. We work with and around any chosen technology providers that deliver technology components – solution configuration, integrations, data migration and reporting – to deliver the pivotal roles that drive overall success: delivery leads, business process leads, change leads, test leads, and more.

Our approach is tailored in each case to reflect the optimum blend of external vs internal, focusing external assistance where it is best suited.

What We Do

Strategy, Steering & Governance
Programme & Project Management
Business & Workstream Lead
Business Process Management
Business & Solution Architecture
Change Management
Test Management
Release Management
Benefits Management
Independent Project Review & Assurance


Our implementation experience spans all business areas, commonly with complex platforms that span mutiple areas including sales and marketing, finance, supply chain, assets and operations (via ERP), human capital, learning, work & pay and more.

We have deep expertise across various sectors and sector-specific plaforms, including manufacturing, aged & disability care, banking, retail, energy and more.

Let us know how we can help.