Platform Strategy

All major business and technology change begins with strategy. We help build a comprehensive blueprint of a transformational target state that addresses process and platforms in an integrated roadmap, led by enterprise strategy, informed by modern digital best practice and a high performing operating model.


Delivering on an aspirational strategy requires solid foundations in the fundamentals of platforms and process. Technology platforms that deliver digital enablement, drive process efficiency and are future-fit. Business processes that build operational excellence, deliver a great customer experience, and enable real scale.

When set against that standard, business leaders often find that their current application environment is under-performing, with legacy platforms that they’ve outgrown, that are poorly integrated, and that don’t truly automate their end to end processes – significantly impacting operating efficiency and insight. These issues often represent real impediments to driving strategic growth and transformation. On the flipside, aspirational business strategy often requires a rethink and redesign of the key enablers in technology platforms and business processes. What may have worked in the past often won’t be sufficient to deliver a bold strategic vision for the future.

How We Help

We build clarity on what great looks like across platforms, processes and people with a transformational strategy and an integrated roadmap to get there. Our approach to platform strategy takes a business-centric view starting with an operating diagnostic to understand current state issues and opportunities, defines a transformational target state in line with business strategy, explores and evaluates the many platform and process options that deliver that, brings that together in a single blueprint and architecture, then builds a robust path forward with strategic costs, benefits and risks. This guidance often forms a key strategic artefact that clarifies strategic technology priorities and sequencing, guides major multi-year programmes of work, and aligns various functions and business areas around a common way forward.

What We Do

Strategic Platform Diagnostic
Better Practice Modelling & Benchmarking
Target State Platform Architecture
Target State Business Architecture
Strategic Improvement Portfolio
Technology Solution Intelligence
Strategic Benefits Modelling
High Level Execution Planning & Costing
Strategic Roadmap Development
Enterprise & Board Alignment


We have developed platform strategies that address and integrated all business areas, from sales and marketing, through finance, human capital, assets and operations, with a focus on the major pillars of Customer Engagement, Corporate Services and Complex Operations transformation.

We have deep expertise across various sectors and sector-specific plaforms, including manufacturing, aged & disability care, banking, retail, energy and more.

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