Process Automation

Move beyond technology constraints with agile, low-capital strategies to automate entire end-to-end processes, building workflow above and around existing platforms, digitising forms and processes, integrating systems and enabling a digital experience, without disrupting existing platforms.


Business leaders commonly face a range of technology challenges with their current applications and data environments. Platform that don’t quite deliver 100% of required capability, poor integration across platforms, no truly end-to-end process flow, lots of manual activity with work spread across physical forms, emails, file systems, disparate applications and devices.

The impact of these constraints affects people productivity, the ability to scale efficiently, over-investment in remediating platforms through point customisations and integrations, and the persistent feeling that while we aspire to a single efficient process, there is no seamless execution of a single process on current systems – rather a loosely connected set of activities at various stages, without central control or management, and without real process flow.

While some automation solutions are often understood (including robotics, digitised forms, workflow, etc) there are real challenges in how to architect these to work seamlessly, to source and maximise these investments, to build a sustainable internal capability that is aligned to ongoing process improvement, and to build scale across the enterprise.

How We Help

We bring real expertise and accelerated pathways for comprehensive process automation leveraging the best of low-capital, agile end-to-end solutions that put process first and allow organisations to cleanly define an optimum business process and have it rapidly, seamlessly digitised and automated.

We are experts across the full range of automation solutions inclusive of robotic process automation, service and case management (including process workflows), intelligence document recognition, digital signing, low-code application development, and more. While being completely vendor agnostic, we bring an understanding of the relative strengths of each product and how they interoperate, as well as those solutions that address the complete scope of end-to-end automation.

We believe automation is a fundamentally client-internal capability, and our strategies focus on building this capability for maximum sustainability. Much like other transformations, our framework brings together a robust strategy for automating the enterprise, addressing governance, opportunity identification, resourcing, methods and more. We help evaluate, source & implement solutions, often assisting in navigating potential missteps around architecture, vendor capabilities, and enterprise risk.

Our goal is to deliver breakthrough strategies that deliver process improvement, rethinking and redesigning a process before it is automated, with a strong automation development and governance framework, launched well with an early, focussed Proof of Value, and then transitioned into a client-sustained automation capability for the long term.

While process automation can sometimes be seen as a standalone discipline, distinct from classic process management and process improvement, we bring these three complimentary capabilities together into a single integrated framework delivering Business Process Excellence.

What We Do

Process Automation Strategy
Automation Opportunity Discovery & Benefits Engineering
Process Automation Governance
Automation Solution Architecture
Robotic Process Automation Strategy, Selection & Implementation
Dynamic Case Management Strategy, Selection & Implementation
Intelligent Document Automation Strategy, Selection & Implementation
Low Code Platform Strategy, Selection & Implementation
Automation DevOps & Delivery Framework
Process Automation Training & Mentoring


We have developed automation strategies across a range of business areas with examples in client onboarding, customer billing, finance processes, HR administration processes, and more.

We have deep expertise across various sectors and sector-specific plaforms, including manufacturing, aged & disability care, banking, retail, energy and more.

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